Scott Fenwick


Anyone who knows Gregg, knows that Scott is his all time Pools idol and he has been excitedly talking about this interview for some time! Scott had built up a great reputation for scoring goals in non-league and jumped at the chance to turn professional. He was an integral part of the great escape team, with a high work rate and determined attitude, whilst demonstrating his leadership potential. He scored some vital goals to keep us in the league, although the one against Exeter will live long in the memories of many Poolies. He has travelled to some varied places since leaving Pools, arriving at Chelmsford via York and Malta! Poolies hold him in high regard and he still keeps a close eye on our results, whilst getting to watch the occasional game.

Here is what she had to say....

What were your first impressions of pools?

If I’m honest, I was excited to come in, but I walked into a quiet, dead changing room with a lot of lads who weren’t in the best of places. But I was excited for the challenge that lay ahead and kept myself positive each day. The staff were very welcoming along with all the people at Victoria Park who the public don’t really come in contact with. 

What was your first match?

My first match was a behind closed doors reserve game against Gateshead. Pools won 3-1 and I scored 2 Goals, playing particularly well if I’m honest. Let’s say I had a few phones calls after that match too. But Paul Murray wouldn’t let me leave Billingham until I had agreed the contract. 

What was your last match?

I think my last match was a 1-0 Home win against Wycombe, I scored in that game too and it turned out to be the winner. I thought I was leaving for Mansfield Town on the Monday, however it all fell through. 

Favourite goal?

I’m torn between the strike against Newport County that flew into the roof of the net and that last day finish against Exeter City that helped keep us in that league. I remember everything about that goal. 

Pre-match routine/superstitions?

I am quite superstitious if am honest, I wear my shin pads on the opposite legs. Tie my right boot before my left. My routines are always quite similar even now. Game day I wake up, drink water and eat porridge, wait a few hours and have scrambled egg and beans with Brown sauce. 

Lasting impression?

I’m going to have to say the fans. For some reason from the moment I signed 99% of them seemed to take me in as one of their own straight away. I even attended the game against Gateshead not so long ago and they were still singing Scotty Fenwick’s Magic. 

Who's the best manager you've played for?

It would have to be Ronnie Moore, he was everything I needed. Old school and no-nonsense approach. Even though we didn’t always agree, and I felt like I was a scapegoat a lot of the time. I actually said to him when he left that he would have been still in the job if I had of played more. And I stand by that to this day.

Best player at Pools during your time?

There was a lot of players that came through the door in my time there, but I’m going to have to go with Aaron Tshibola, he transformed our midfield when he came in on loan with some solid defensive displays, we hit it off straight away and still in regular contact now. 

Toughest opponent?

Alfie Mawson, I remember playing Wycombe Wanderers at Victoria Park and we lost 3-1, Ozzy missed a first half penalty that I ended up arguing with Marlon about because I wanted to take it. But he had me in his pocket that game, he didn’t give me a sniff the full game. That was the first time I’ve walked off the pitch and said I’ve just been bullied today. 

Have you still got a Pools shirt from your time here?

I have my debut shirt and my first goal shirts hanging proudly in my parent’s kitchen. I have the great escape shirt and then I swapped a lot of them with players who I’ve grown up with and played against. 

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