Player of the Month

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During the annual Whitstable Trip, members put forward an idea that would allow us to add extra value to our Player of the Year award. The idea is to do a monthly vote that would allow us to build up a small fund that the winning player could then donate to a charity of their choice, like what is done by some other exiled football supporters clubs.

It will be run in the following way;

  • Members can vote at the end of each month for their Player of the Month at a cost of £1 (only 1 vote per member, per month).
  • The Player of the Month will receive a bottle of wine.
  • The final Player of the Year vote will still take place. All funds built up via the monthly votes, minus the cost of the bottles of wine will be donated to a charity as chosen by the Player of the Year.
  • Each time a member casts a vote they are allocated one raffle ticket. At the end of the season the winning ticket holder will receive a bottle of wine and some chocolates.

Happy voting and as always thank you for your support.

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