Pauline McSweenie


Not all club legends are lucky enough to have played for the club, this is certainly the case with Pauline. She has been marshalling the Corner Flag for a lot of years now and is a permanent fixture at both home and away games. Pauline works tirelessly to organise coaches to away games, and when the demand isn't there to run a full coach what does she do?.... yes she drives them there herself! This is done regardless of the distance, with a mammoth round trip to Plymouth in the snow getting her some well deserved attention from the national press. Clubs like ours simply would not survive without people like Pauline and there is a pint of Stella as a thank you for your time next time we see you.

Here is what she had to say....

How long have you been supporting Pools?

Around 50 years. 

What was you first game?

I'm not sure, used to go with me mum & dad. 

Most memorable game...

Obvious one is Sheffield wed at the Millennium Stadium but being robbed at Bristol City in play offs. One injury too many that night! 

All-time favourite player...

Can't name one but love the grafters Billy Ayre, Mick Tait and Paul Murray. That type of player. 

Ever fancied a player? 

Asking blokes that question as well?!?! (And most who know me can answer that question) 

Which team do you want to see Pools play the most and why?

No particular team but do like us to play the less physical teams. 

From 1 to 10 (10 being the most) how much do you hate Darlo? 

Who are they? 

Tell us about the JustGiving campaign...

I gave personally, and my school did a fund raiser that we paid in. The whole town did their bit for the club. 

Favourite away game... 

Somewhere that we're treated properly! 

Fylde was one to go down in history! Great few hours in Blackpool, then on to Fylde - coldest ever been (even beat Oldham!), get the result we did and then try and get home in snow with A66 closed. 

Pauline's Pools Dream Team!

Oohh hate this one!

Unfair question - a good player in a poor team gets branded with them. A poor player in a good team is carried by them. So mainly it would be the successful team under Coops! Including subs!

Will that do as my answer - please don't make me pick 11!