Luke James


Luke is still only young and seems to have packed in a whole career in a few years. Since returning he has picked up where he left off, with lively hard working performances and a real team ethic. Watching him at this level, you can see defenders struggling to work out how to handle him, which has resulted in several penalties and important free-kicks being gained for his efforts.

This has been a huge year for Luke on a personal level, with a new child and winning the South East Poolies Player of the Year award for the second time in his career. He also became an England C International after impressing coaches throughout the season.

Here is what he had to say....

Did you support Pools as a kid?

No I was a massive Sunderland fans, used to go to most hole games with my dad and grandad.

Who was your footballing idol as a kid?

For Sunderland I would have to say Arca, he was the only player I’ve had on the back of a Sunderland shirt apart from my own! Technically so good!

This is your third time at Pools! How have things changed?

Yeah it’s changed a lot in some ways and not at all in others! So many friendly faces around the club make it easy coming back.

What is your favourite Pools goal?

My favourite pools goal would have to be my first nothing will ever top that such a good moment for me and my family and even better to win, great day

Pre-match routine?

I always have a coffee before every game! Probably not the best nutritional choice like but I have to have one.

Who is or was the best player you've played with at Pools? 

Tough one, been some very good players, Paul Murray was definitely up there, Nathan Thomas too! But I’ll have to go with James brown, so unlucky with injuries but on his day a joke, was unplayable at times.

Who is your favourite all time player and why?

I would say Joel porter, coming through the youth teams here he was my Manager and always watched how he played and helped me massively with my game.

Toughest opponent?

Harry Maguire was a nightmare to play against! Strong and physical hated playing against him!!

Favourite ground you've played at? 

Either Stamford bridge or Hillsborough (the atmosphere in there was unbelievable they were top I think at the time and flying, we ended 2-2 or 3-3, Sweens scored a volley from outside the box to level!!

How were things at other clubs and what did you learn? 

Every club is different and learned a lot, mainly to adapting to different ways of playing!

How has being a family man changed you? 

Yeah a lot! They are the most important things to me and always come first in every decision I make!!

You have been awarded Southeast Poolies player of the year twice now. Tell us your thoughts on this! 

Very happy and really appreciate it! Never thought I was gonna win it again so to get it means a lot!!

Luke's Pools Dream Team!

Hardest question till last!!! 

Past players I’ve played with...

1. Carson

2. Austin

3. Collins

4. Hartley

5. Duckworth

6. Liddle 

7. Murray

8. Walton

9. Monks

10. Brown

11. Williams

Definitely left some people out here!