HUFC Women's Team

Within a short few years, the Hartlepool United Women's team have gone from strength, making year on year progress. Not only is the game increasing in popularity, but its fair to say that the our own team is gaining support. Regular updates are treated with excitement amongst Poolies and wins with celebration. They finished the season with a big win in front of home supporters at the Super 6 Stadium, with a great crowd to roar them on.

There is no doubt that they are now part of the fabric of our fantastic club and we all look forward to what the coming years will bring for them.

Lucy Hammond-Garrington kindly offered to talk to us and let us in to a few little secrets! Here is what she had to say....


Hi my name is Lucy Hammond-Garrington and this is what I have to say about my team mates...

What are pre match routines?

My pre-match routine is Tesco breakfast! 

Who are the dressing room characters and lead the banter?

I’d probably say me for character and banter, or Lottie or Robyn. Lottie for her rubbish dance moves, Robyn because she just winds everyone up and everyone hates her cos you just can’t be mad at her (unless you’re bazzy cos she just hates everyone!) and me because I’m just funny really.

Who's the biggest show off in the team?

I don’t think we really have a show off, everyone is very humble and always stay grounded.  

Who has got the worst fashion sense? Come on, be honest lol.

Worst fashion sense - Becca Smith deffo, especially when she wears them chains attached to her jeans on a night out!  

Tell us about playing on the hallowed turf at The Vic.

I didn’t get to play at the Vic this season cos I was on holiday but I’ve played many time before and to be honest it’s a bogey pitch for me, I’ve never once scored. Even at school when we did the half time penalty shoot out for 6 weeks in a row, still missed every pen! (Probably a good job why our centre back took them last season!). 

Expectations for next season?

My expectations for next season is to gain promotion and score more goals than last season. I’ve got a new job now and I wanna be back to the goal scoring machine that I used to be!  

How was the presentation night?

Presentation night was a laugh, it always is! Every night out with this team is always a cracking night out, best bunch of lasses ever and even Andy and Jonny joined in with the banter, even though I think Andy got muddled up between a wedding and presentation night with his outfit choice! 

Ladies, what are your thoughts on the FIFA Women’s World cup?

I’m looking forward to the women’s World Cup, I used to play at Middlesbrough with Beth Mead so I’m looking forward to seeing her prove to the world what she was born for.. ITS COMING HOME!