H'Angus the Monkey


H'Angus the Monkey is a well known character within the football world, whilst it's fair to say the position has always been carried out by supporters with a lot of character themselves. He is well known for his cheeky antics and getting caught up in the passion of supporting Pools. Kids love him, not just on a match-day, but whilst attending other events around the town and beyond. Not just the kids though, adults are often photographed with him, proving that you are never too old to have a cuddly toy!

Here is what she had to say when we eventually got him down from the trees....

How long have you been running around in a monkey suit for?

This is my 7th season as H'angus.

What was your first game?

My first match that I can remember was my trial game to get the job. It was a preseason match against Middlesbrough.

What is your pre-match routine?

For my pre-match routine I arrive at the Vic about 1.5 hours before kick-off. Go say hello to everyone and get changed about an hour before kick-off. I go out have a bit kick about with the match day mascot for about 20 mins before going on a wander around the stands and occasionally the Corner Flag. Then it's kick-off! I like to stay in suit all game and mingle in with the fans and celebrate when we score.

Have you made any friends in the world of dressing up?

I have made so many Mascot friends over the years, some have become good friends. Peter Burrow, Scunny Bunny, Donny Dog and not forgetting Haydon the Womble and the captain from Sheff United. We are one big weird happy family!

What special fitness programme do you work to?

No need for a fitness programme, I just wing it most of the time (tip for others, keep hydrated and drink beer).

Who is your favourite player?

Ooooo how do I choose? I think Woodsy will have to be my favourite player from recent years.

What is your favourite ground?

My favourite ground has got to be home, definitely the Vic.

What have been the highlights in your role?

Over the years as H I've taken part in numerous charity events raising thousands for different charities. I have taken part in the Great North Run twice in full suit, walked with Jeff Stelling and ran with 100's of Hartlepool's finest during the Miles for Men annual run.

Have you had any fights as a monkey?

I have never really had any fights, but I have been close a few times. One day I offered Padraig Amond out in the car after a game when he was trying to wind me up. Luckily we didn't or he would never of signed for us.

What has been your favourite moment?

Over the years there hasn't been that many I would of liked to remember, but one will always stick out for me…. THE GREAT ESCAPE! When we survived the drop under Ronnie Moore.

Who is your all-time favourite Pools team?

All time dream team... Where do I start? I would say the play off finalists from when we were at Cardiff.

When did you start going to watch Pools?

I've been going to watch pools from around 3 years old, I started going with my dad. My dad became a Hartlepool fan because his grandfather Nick Evans was the Reserve Team Manager and Chief Scout of the team. He once bought a player for a box of kippers! Not only that, but my mother's maiden name is Angus! You couldn't of planned it!

Where do you buy your bananas?

Ha, I nick them from the indoor market!