Gillingham FC Pub Guide


Priestfield Stadium- Away Supporters

We thankfully have the seats in the Gordon Road Stand that runs along the length of the pitch due to this being an early round game and them expecting a low crowd. This is far better than behind the goal in the heap of scaffolding that away supporters often have to endure. Although there are many benefits the most important is that fact that it has a roof!


I really cannot stress how poor the choice is around the ground, but there are a couple that I would recommend. I’ll start off with some of the better ones….

Will Adams, 73 Saxton St, Gillingham, ME7 5EG

This small backstreet pub is located 5-minute walk from the railway station, unfortunately its in the opposite direction from the ground. Despite this, it is the best in the area and has the football on the TV. The pub is usually popular with home and away supporters. There is a great selection of real ales, but also caters well for lager drinkers.

The South East Poolies will be meeting in here from around midday.

Frog and Toad, 38 Burnt Oak Terrace, Gillingham, ME7 1DR

Another back street boozer 5-7 minutes’ walk from the station, with both ales and lager on offer. This is a small pub with a beer garden and usually offers a good selection of Belgian Beers. More of a local’s pub than a matchday one.

Fleur De Lis, 46 Gillingham Rd, Gillingham ME7 4RR

Located opposite one of the most infamous households in Gillingham, if not the UK, this fair-sized corner pub is the designated away supporters pub. Other than that, the pub really is nothing special and has very much a local feel to it.

The Southern Bell, 170 High St, Gillingham ME7 1AJ

If you like your beer to be supped surrounded by someone who proudly proclaims that he hasn’t been home for 24 hours as the pub doesn’t shut, then this really is the one for you. This really did happen and it’s fair to say that the ‘gentleman’ had not had the opportunity to shower. Standards are similar to a Botswana brothel and you will be allowed in wearing a blood-soaked polo shirt ripped from the top and sporting a black eye (trust me). The only 2 good things that I can say about this pub is that it shows the football and is bang opposite the railway station.

It is worth noting that the club at the ground does not particularly like away supporters. In fact, last season when conducting a bucket collection as part of the Save Pools effort I asked the manager if I could wander round the pub for pennies. His response was that he didn’t think that this was the kind of thing Gillingham FC should be associating itself with. No more information necessary…..

The Cricketers pub is normally for home supporters only and they carry out ticket checks on the door. If you do get in then it’s not a bad pub, with sports, food and a huge beer garden.