Andy Capp


Andy Capp is famous throughout the world for his traditional views on women, work and life in general. For me he always seems a top bloke, who has a progressive attitude, often mistaken for being rather chauvinistic. I rather like him and the world would be a better place if more people had his honesty. Oh and he's a staunch Poolie as well, often taking the risk of having his collar felt whilst jumping over the wall to watch his beloved team. 

Here is what he had to say when we tracked him down in the Ritchies Club....

How long have you been supporting Pools?

For as long as I can remember.

Your first match?

Can’t remember the team but I sneaked in for nothing.

Does Flo go to games?

Yes, but usually only to drag me home.

How many pubs have you been thrown out of?

Everyone in town.

Your favourite Pools player?

Changes from week to week, I’m fickler than an Arsenal fan.

Tell us about your statue!

I think it sums me up perfectly. I love the garlands people that keep adorning me in. And it’s probably the most photographed thing in Hartlepool other than The White Negroes. Although I’m prettier.

Do you still play football?

Yes I do, Badly.